Save the Date! Freedom Games 2021: The New Social Contract

We are pleased to announce that the 2021 edition of Freedom Games is to be held on September 10-12 in the Expo Hall in Lodz. The leading theme of this year’s forum is to be “The New Social Contract”.

Regardless of the pandemic-related situation, we plan to organize the event in a hybrid format – thus combining the traditional conference format with an open online TV format. This approach shall contribute to reaching wider audiences and reinforcing the impact of the forum.

Why “The New Social Contract”?

The challenge for our generation is to disconnect from social media and Netflix, and take up the challenge of preparing for the stage of recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying economic crisis. This is precisely why the eponymous “A New Social Contract” is much needed.

We have to address the challenge that the pandemic has posed for the societies around the globe – the failure of the states and transnational institutions to effectively contain the virus and coordinate their actions. We must analyze the cases of those who skillfully made decisions and what could have guided their decisions (be it political culture, centralization or decentralization of decision-making processes, flexibility or a strict risk analysis, etc.). The trauma of death, lockdown, disruption of normalcy left societies in a state of constant anxiety and agitation on the one hand, and apathy on the other.

The economic consequences that have followed pose another set of questions: the future of free market hit so strongly by anti-pandemic regulations, on the future of a wide variety of industries, means of dealing with limited resources, saving the healthcare systems and addressing the issue of treating patients who suffer from other diseases, and finally, on how to talk about risk and how to calculate it – In the age plagued by uncertainty.

Meanwhile, the themes such as state-private capital relations, cyberwarfare, climate change, social services, education, the rule of law, energy sector, the position of the United States after the 2020 presidential election, reviving the Polish politics after deep conflict, Eurozone, EU investments – are still of vital importance and require attention. Therefore, when talking about the New Social Contract, a complex and wide-encompassing approach must be adopted.

Once again, Freedom Games shall become an intellectually stimulating cultural event with an educational value. Participants will have a unique opportunity to meet in Lodz and online leading intellectuals, representatives of culture, academia, and public life from around the globe. An ambitious program is to be combined with openness and availability to each and every participant.

Save the date now! More details will follow soon on the website and on social media of Freedom Games.

See you soon,

The Freedom Games 2021 Team

Check Out FG2020 Summary Folder!

We are pleased to present you the summary folder of Freedom Games 2020.

It was an unforgettable three days of debates, meetings, and panel discussions – this time for the first time online! This edition of Freedom Games posed a unique challenge for us, the organizers, which is why we would like to thank you very much for being with us in front of the screens and for the virtual support that motivates us every day and helps us believe that our work is meaningful – ultimately, the event gathered 798,026 viewers across all platforms!

Once again, we thank all the partners of the Freedom Games 2020 and everyone who was involved in their organization.


The Freedom Games 2020 program “A Post-Pandemic World” is now available on our website!

Get ready for two and a half days of talks with people of culture, business, and public life about democracy, economy, human rights, education, and environmental protection during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to remind you that this year, Freedom Games are moving to virtual arenas, and that participation in the forum is free and does not require registration.

Our website now also offers the “Make your program” function, thanks to which you can plan your own personalized path of Freedom Games, consisting only of the events that interest you! Instructions on how to do this may be found in the “PROGRAM” tab.

WHERE TO FIND STREAMING ONLINE? Links to individual sessions will be available on the Freedom Games website in the “PROGRAM” tab. They will appear in the description that you will see after clicking on the tile with the event you are interested in.

The event, held for the seventh time, is an interdisciplinary cultural and intellectual forum. Organized with the goal of offering a creative space for meetings of people of culture, business, and public life, it is an arena for discussing the most important challenges faced by Western societies in the 21st century.

Due to pandemic restrictions, this year, the forum will be held online. The organizer will make available on its website five channels on which it will be possible to follow live broadcasts, including two channels with simultaneous Polish/English translation. Selected streams will also be shared via social media.

Support Freedom Games!

Freedom Games?!? Freedom is not to be played with! But you have to fight for it. Trip over. Argue. Discuss. Raise issues. Question status quo. Develop theories. Reach for ideas. Chase dreams.

Freedom Games are an interdisciplinary forum of ideas organized with the goal of offering a creative space for meetings of people of culture, business, and public life. Since 2014, it has been an arena for discussing the most important challenges facing Western societies in the 21st century. Our guests are outstanding intellectuals and opinion leaders of the world class: leading politicians and representatives of non-governmental organizations, artists and activists, scientists, and business people.

Support democratic dialogue for freedom, equality, and development! We will allocate the collected funds to the implementation of the next edition of the forum.


Thank you for all your help and support!

The Freedom Games Team


1. Watch live individual events from the PROGRAM.

2. Watch live via Facebook (ENG): 4LIBERTY.EU.

Freedom Games 2020 in Hybrid Format

In light of a growing pandemic and new restrictions, Freedom Games 2020 shall be held on November 13-15, 2020, in a hybrid format. We are, however, prepared for any scenario due to the further development of the epidemic situation.

If the current regulations (yellow zone) are be in force in mid-November, then, adopting strict safety and social distancing restrictions, Freedom Games will allow attendance by a very limited number of participants in accordance with the applicable regulations.

The pandemic cannot stop the debate, curiosity to understand the world, talking about ideas, just like it cannot break social ties. At the same time, we must act in such a way so as to ensure that each and every one of you, our guests and speakers can choose the type of participation with the maximum level of safety.

For those of you who decide to buy a ticket for the Freedom Games, we guarantee a refund if participation in the forum turns out impossible due to epidemic-related restrictions. Perhaps some of you, while participating in the online event, will recognize that our work has value, and then you can always decide to donate the funds from the purchased ticket to the next year’s edition of the Freedom Games. Such support will be more than needed for us in the next difficult months, just like it is the case for many other cultural and social institutions.

We have decided that this year all discussions during Freedom Games will be available online live without any fees or registration. We want as many of you to be able to participate in the Freedom Games – at least remotely – and listen to the group of exceptional guests who will speak during this edition. This is our educational mission.

As part of five professionally broadcast channels, including two additional ones with simultaneous Polish/English translation, we intend to create symbolic New Public Media, showing which topics should be dealt with in an attractive and substantive way by the public media, including in particular the Polish public television. Instead of constantly debating how the public media should look like, we – as part of Freedom Games – want to sinply show it.

Stay safe and inspired,

Freedom Games 2020 Team

Become FG2020 Volunteer!

Join the group of volunteers who will work hand in hand with the organizers during Freedom Games 2020, so that this year’s edition of the event is second to none!

Join a Facebook Event

Who are we looking for?
People of all ages, with knowledge of English (communicative level or higher), sociable, responsible, creative, flexible, as well as entrepreneurial and well-organized.

During this year’s edition, i.e. November 13-15, 2020.

We are looking for volunteers to help in the following areas:

  • reception service;
  • audience and hall service;
  • special guests service.

Often, however, the functions of individual areas overlap, so we appreciate flexibility and the ability to react to unusual situations.

Why is it worth it?
Freedom Games are a unique, interdisciplinary forum enabling exchange of ideas between intellectuals and artists. It is a unique opportunity to meet high-profile figures from the world of politics, economy, the media, human rights, music, and art. Moreover, each volunteer will receive a certificate confirming their involvement in the organization of the event. Completing a student internship while volunteering is also possible.

We do not provide refunds for travel and accommodation costs.

(!) Application deadline: October 7, 2020, 23:59. After recruitment, we will invite selected people for an interview during which we shall explain the specificity of the event and the scope of assigned responsibilities.

How to become a volunteer?
To become a volunteer, fill out an online form, which shall be available until October 7, 2020. We will conduct interviews with selected candidates. In the application form, please specify your availability during the forum and verifyyour contact details.


As in previous years, we also invite seniors to cooperation. We would also like to remind you that a minor who has reached the age of 16 may become a volunteer, but must submit a written consent from the parent or a legal guardian, no later than on the day of commencement of volunteering at the forum.

Those who already were volunteers during Freedom Games 2019 or previous editions do not need to fill in the online form. In this case, please contact the volunteer coordinator directly by e-mail, indicating your availability during the forum and the service area you are most interested in:

Volunteer Coordinator: Ola Krajewska
If you have any questions, please contact:

High School Students with Free Entrance to FG2020

If you are a student of a secondary school (high school, technical secondary school, vocational school, etc.), you are entitled to free participation in this year’s forum. Find out how to get it in the High School Students tab at FG2020 and take part in an amazing forum of ideas organized in the heart of Poland!

Freedom Games 2020 in Hala Expo and Online

The seventh edition of Freedom Games is to be held on November 13-15, 2020, in Hala Expo in Lodz and online.

This year, as a result of the restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which may be difficult to predict in anticipation of November, the forum shall be held in a mixed format.

The forum will still remain open and available to participants in the conference area as much as possible in light of imposed safety measures. The events and sessions shall be also available online via live streaming.

This year’s edition will most likely not feature any music concerts.

Hala Expo is a modern multi-function building located in the Lodz city center. It is a space equipped to offer professional execution of various types of events and a perfect place for networking.


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