Freedom Games

What Are
Freedom Games

A Meeting

of individuals who are curious about the world and open to new ideas

A Discussion

about the most important challenges the Western societies must face in the 21st century

An Idea

based on a premise of offering a creative space for representatives of culture, business, and public life

A Forum

which is the largest and most important event organized by the Liberté! Foundation






days of lectures, discussions, and meetings with authors



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Media about us

Freedom Games 2019 are now over. One of the  final speeches in the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland, belonged to Lech Walesa, a former president of Poland. When he entered the stage wearing a t-shirt with Constitution written on it, the audience stood up. People were applauding. 

Freedom Games are a meeting of people open to dialogue, new ideas, and fun!

(…) the sixth edition of Freedom Games is about to start.startuje szósta edycja Igrzysk Wolności. WThis unique event gathers intellectuals, scientists, and artists – people of ideas who by engaging in a constructive conversation help better understand the reality.

– The PiS party wishes to hide away Freedom Games by organizing its own party convention. One of their members called Freedom Games “games of hate”. It is nothing of the sort. We intend to flood them with love and freedomstated Leszek Jazdzewski on Twitter.

What hovers over the entire conference (…) is a spirit of optimistic and creative freedom, of searching for solutions, as if no authoritarian government existed in Poland.

Radio program by Karolina Lewicka pt. “Jak umierają demokracje?” – which is the leading theme of Freedom Games 2019

A grassroots forum created by an NGO, which brings together people who share such values as liberal democracy, open society, and the rule of law.

A meeting of representatives of the sectors of culture, business, and social lifespotkanie ludzi kultury, biznesu i życia społecznego z publicznością, who believe in the ideas of liberal democracy and open society has just began. Freedom Games are held in Lodz for the sixth time.

For the sixth time, the city of Lodz decided to co-organize a leading intellectual and cultural forum of ideas in Poland – a meeting of renowned scholars, representatives of culture, science, and activists, as well as entrepreneurs and politicians – stated Hanna Zdanowska, the Mayor of the City. – We intend to create the best forum of ideas in the country.

Freedom Games are an extraordinary agora where thoughts and ideas can clash without an artificial divide between that which is political, social, or artistic.

Can we feel good in a country where the winners of the election refuse to respect the rights of the losing side? It is a crucial matter also for the supporters of the current government – because at one point the winners might become the losers. An interview with Leszek Jazdzewski and Blazej Lenkowski, the organizers of Freedom Games.


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